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How to farm runes in Summoners War [Overview Guide]

The Summoners War is one of the most popular action-packed Role Play Games (RPG) today. It allows you to play with a team of monsters and wage battle for rewards. Within this game, you play as a Summoner.

This role allows you to exercise your skills of strategy and endurance. You can effectively summon monsters from a magical scroll and create a fighting team. Your monsters can fight against other teams for medals, trophies and an in-game currency which is known as mana. This game was developed by a company in South Korea which is known as Com2uS.

Officially released in 2014, the game has been downloaded 90 billion times and earned
$1.35 billion in revenue. Here is more about one of its most important activities, farming runes in summoners war.

● Runes in Summoners War

One of the core features of this game is the runes. They are gems that can be used to empower your monsters. Each monster can accommodate a total of 6 runes. The runes can be attained in two main ways. You can buy them using mana or farm them in Cairos Dungeon.

Here is the best guide to farming runes in Summoners War.

There are different grades of runes that range from 1 to 6 stars. The higher the grade of your runes, the more powerful your monster will get. Moreover, attaching a complete set of collaborative runes gives your monster some bonus capabilities. You can complete rune sets such as the Violent and the Energy Runes.

● How to farm runes

The first step to farming runes in summoners war is deciding exactly which runes you desire. After that, you can weigh your farming options. The most commonly farmed runes are 3 and 4 star runes. The 4 star runes are more difficult to farm than 3 star runes.

However, 4 star runes only offer a 1% increase in performance over the 3 star runes. As such, in your initial farming session, seek for 3 star runes. This maximizes your monsters’
statistics and saves you time as well as mana.

The 1 star rune is an Attack rune. 2, 3 and 4 star runes do not have any special characteristics but only provide an increment to your statistics. Moreover, the 5 and 6 star runes provide Higher Power to your monster.

During the farming process, 5 and 6 star runes are found in a section of Cairos Dungeon that is known as the Giants Keep. For maximum farming efficiency, you should always create a team to farm your runes.

● Game play

An excellent characteristic of this game is that you can be a single player or compete in a multiplayer environment.

The game allows for multiple players in a platform known as the World Arena. Here, you can test out your team of monsters against teams from all over the world. Best of all, the battles can be waged in real-time.


The Summoners War is one of the most iconic and interesting Role Play Games (RPG) today. It has a deep universe full of magical beings, monsters and runes.

You can engage in farming runes in summoners war and boost the power of your monster team. With enough power, you can gain victory over other summoners from around the globe!

Is This The Best ESO Stamina Nightblade Leveling Build? (The Specter)


Surprisingly enough, one of the most popular ESO Stamina Nightblade builds goes by the tag ‘The Specter’. A lot has been said about this particular guide. Reviewers have gone back and forth trying to analyze, dissect, and test how solid the build is. But most will often leave out a very important question; what does the build really entail? What makes up this Stamina Nightblade DPS and how does The Specter come in play? Well, there is finally a comprehensive guide out for you. Everything you need to know, be it the gear, class or champion points.

Here we go…

The Objective of the Build

The main idea or concept behind this race, build, and combination of unique skills is to come up with a high damage Nightblade that is capable of completing any trial, DSA or dungeon with high damage. Now, the Specter version is centered or focuses on Bow PvE but then it still has a PvP component at the end of the game.

So maybe you’re saying to yourself right now, ” Awesome stuff, so why should I play this version/build?”

Well, for starters, it is a pretty challenging game. So if you have a thing for hard and fast hitting, then this should be your game. Apart from this, it makes use of monumental damage and range. In other words, it is as impactful as it is difficult.

On the other side of the coin, you may not want to play this game since it lacks that crucial self-healing feature on demand. This, of course, unless you’re using a Two Handler gameplay mode.

1-50 Leveling Mode Build

That aside, the specter has two main leveling modes that you may want to hear about.
1. The Non-Veteran Leveling Mode

The non-leveling mode comprises of 10 distinct levels or step. As the name suggests, it requires less experience in gaming to crack it up. Nonetheless, the following priority skills will come in handy.

1. Bow – It consists of the Lethal Arrow and Acid Spray strategies. If anything, with the Acid Spray you have a definitive AoE damage and snare.

2. Assassination – This priority focuses on making the best use of Monster tree for active and passive abilities. Here, you should be working under the assumption that everyone good is worth morphing and taking at some point. Otherwise, the priority here is grabbing the Killer’s Blade to activate the finisher self-healing property.

3. Siphoning – This is a high priority skillset with valuable beastly passives. A bonus tip; try to maintain at least 2 skills on your bar in order to keep this skill line advancing . At the same time, consider Siphoning Strikes and Funnel Health your main targets.

4. Two Handed- The famous Two Handed priority that you have heard folks talking about incorporates a brawler for quick AoE damage shield. And this is done early in than Major Brutality buff or Self heal. The Major Brutality buff, as a matter of fact, will always set you back some 20% weapon damage every time you activate it. So make sure you use it sparingly and wisely.
5. Shadow -This is one of the weakest of the 3 trees that are designed for straight PvE. And for this reason, it doesn’t really require much from the existing active abilities. As far as the priority goes, here you should be just concentrating on grabbing the Killer’s Blade Morph and activate finisher self-healing.

SO an avid gamer could ask, what are the priority passives in the skillsets detailed above.

1. Bow – When initiating the Bow, make sure you use the Ranger one and Ranger Two to reduce the possibility of wasting the Acid Spray stamina unnecessarily. This will, in turn, ensure that you have a less of a drain on your resources.

2.Two Handler and Assassination – Focus on optimizing your Balance Blade until you have your fill of skill points. Alternatively, you can choose to wait for pressure points that are slotted for Assassination abilities to maximize utilizing your potential.

The Veteran Ranks

At this stage, you will be expected to execute some sophisticated, well-calculated moves to climb your way up the remaining complex ranks.

Nonetheless, you can always find the following skills valuable.
1.Ambush – It is more of a Teleport Strike than just a skill. Here, close the gap to give you 20% more damage for your next hit. For better efficiency, combine this bar swap, Soul Tether, and the Assassination skill line.

2. Siphoning Attack – You can cleverly avoid or reduce wasting your resources by Siphoning Strikes at the start of fights and or in between them. Combine this with a Merciless Resolve strategy. This is whereby you focus your resources on the morph of Grim Focus. While at it, bear in mind that an 8% damage stint combined with a 10% stamina boost can give you that rare chance to procure a damage ability.

3. Soul Harvesters – Just like the name would suggest, it is a technique that makes use of the morph of Death Stroke. In fact, it is easy to conclude that during ultimate generation and execution, nothing can outperform a Soul Harvest’s damage.

Healing Capabilities in this Build

Just like most other builds in this sequel, there is no shortage of healing abilities. And if you know how to utilize them, you can conveniently plan your game outlook in a way that compliments your assault style.

Here are some of them;

1. Soul Tether – It is typically combined with the morph of Soul Shred a facet of the siphoning skillset line detailed above. It is a self-preservation ability that has an extremely high AoE burst for eliminating trash mobs and still surviving.

2. The Resolving Vigor – This is another significantly powerful healing ability that combines the acuity of Killer’s Blade and Rally for surviving attacks.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we can say that Spectre is a pretty solid build and actually one of the best ESO Nightblade leveling build out there for avid gamers. And those who have tried a hand in it can confess that it is one of the best approaches to leveling. From the realistic survivability levels to tanking and healing, it feels almost surreal.